Word Template (Sell Sheet)

Sell Sheet Template Thumbnail Image

This Word template is for a two-page sell sheet. The client created the original document but wanted to have ten different banner graphic options and three layout options. They asked me to turn the document into a template and to provide a way to dynamically change the banner and the layout. The result is this small but elegant solution.

I created a custom menu with options to open a Banner dialog box and a Layout dialog box. The Banner dialog box contains ten thumbnails that I made from the banner graphics, and allows a user to select any of the graphics. Doing so replaces the current banner. The Layout dialog contains three graphics I made to represent the layout options, and users can choose a layout to replace the existing one.

Note: The Sell Sheet template is based on my client's original document design and it contains proprietary art. You can download it and create documents with it to see how it works, but printed copies of any documents based on the template will include a watermark.